Why Evaluate?

In order for your organisation to be sustainable it is crucial to understand whether or not your behaviours, activities, services and products are working optimally. As a neutral party, we look at the thoughts, feelings and perceptions beyond the metrics held by your staff, service users, stakeholders to understand what is really going on and how your operations and services can be improved. 

We gather qualitative data, analyse it and write it up, addressing important questions for your organisation.

Our evaluation work usually results in the production of a report and staff engagement sessions, as well as a series of presentations to your stakeholders.

Benefits of Qualitative Research & Evaluation

  • Creating team openness about successes and perceived problems with the help of an objective evaluator
  • Achieving depth and detail of understanding of when and how things do and do not work in your organisation
  • Finding out how the people that matter the most feel about your organisation
  • Capturing real-world solutions proposed by those on the ground.

Formative Evaluation in 
Health & Social Care

Formative evaluation is an approach which allows for emergent findings to be used to improve the programme process that is being evaluated whilst its activities are still forming. Its appeal lies in helping to forge collaborative evaluation and operational team activities, along with benefiting improvement during the course of its implementation. Formative evaluation holds much potential for learning, as well as for team and programme building. 

Watch the webinar recording below which introduced the theory and practice of formative evaluation in health and social care. 

The speakers are: 

  • Dr Maria Kordowicz - Psychologist, Academic and Director of ResPeo 
  • Dr Sian Howell - GP and Clinical Effectiveness Southwark Clinical Lead 
  • Dr Phil Miller - Quality Improvement & Research Strategic Lead & Knowledge and Evaluation Researcher, East Midlands Academic Health Science Network & Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust. 

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Introducing the theory and practice of formative evaluation in health and social care.