We conduct qualitative research and evaluation and implement person-centred organisational development interventions. 

Researching People recognises the value of listening to the most significant members of your organisation - your staff and clients. We are a dedicated group of university academics, researchers and organisational specialists, who learn from your staff and stakeholders to develop high quality solutions on your behalf.

What We Do

There is no typical client assignment, which is what makes our line of work so stimulating. Organisations usually approach us because they have a people 'problem' they would like us to get under the skin of. 

The majority of our work involves qualitative evaluations. Here, we research the thoughts, feelings and perceptions of your key stakeholders about a specific service you provide, or evaluate a programme or pathway you have designed. 

We lead evaluations varying in scale and use our academic expertise to apply rigorous research methodology to the process, making recommendations for improvement within your organisation. 

For instance, it may be that you are undergoing a period of change and are experiencing high rates of absenteeism and want to understand the processes underpinning that. As such, we would hold a free scoping meeting with you and suggest potential approaches, such as:

  • Insight research data gathering
  • Facilitated group learning workshops
  • 1:1 and team coaching sessions
  • Writing a report with recommendations for improvements
  • Providing a change management objective presence for a defined period of time 
  • Developing your internal and external communications strategy.

We work with you to identify the most appropriate tailored support.